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We are excited to introduce you to the Giving and Receiving Program - a unique opportunity to build wealth while helping others become financially free. Our program is designed for both individuals and non-profits who want to make a positive impact on society while securing their financial future.

With our innovative inheritance program, you can pass on your wealth to your loved ones or your chosen non-profit organization and help them achieve financial security. Our wealth building opportunities are tailored to suit your needs and financial goals. Whether you are looking to grow your wealth over the long-term or generate income now, we have got you covered.

But that's not all. Our commitment to building a brighter financial future for future generations means that we are constantly working to improve our program and make it even more beneficial for our members. We believe that financial freedom should not be a privilege for a few but a right for all.

When you join our community, you will be joining a group of like-minded individuals and non-profits who are all working towards the same goal - financial freedom and social impact. Our community is supportive, welcoming, and committed to helping each other succeed.

We understand that investing can be a daunting task, but with our team of experienced financial experts, you can rest that your investments are in good hands. We use a data-driven approach to ensure that your investments are optimized formaximum return.

Here are seven reasons why you should join the Giving and Receiving Program

Build a legacy

With this program, you can create a legacy that will last for generations. By investing in your future, you can ensure that your family is financially secure for years to come.

Inheritance Program

Our program allows you to pass down your wealth to your loved ones, ensuring that your financial legacy carries on for generations to come. This is an amazing opportunity to make a lasting impact on future generations and ensure their financial well-being.

Increase your money

With increase in your money every year, this program is an excellent way to build your wealth and increase your financial security.

For future generations

By investing in this program, you're not just investing in yourself. You're investing in the future of your family and the generations that will come after you.

Help others

By being part of this program, you're helping others become financially free. You're building a community that values generosity and abundance, and that's a powerful thing.

For nonprofits

Our program can help you reach a wider audience of potential donors, volunteers, and partners. You can use our platform to share your mission and impact, connect with like-minded individuals and other nonprofits, and receive financial and in-kind donations that will help you achieve your goals.

For individuals

Our program offers a unique opportunity to make a positive impact in the world. Whether you're looking to support a cause that's near to your heart, or you're looking to build connections and gain new skills, our program will help you find the right match for your needs.

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Latest Deposit


Name Amount Date Gateway
1,600.00 USD 03 May 2024 Stripe Checkout
1,600.00 USD 30 Apr 2024 Stripe Checkout
1,600.00 USD 30 Apr 2024 Stripe Checkout
1,600.00 USD 30 Apr 2024 Stripe Checkout
1,600.00 USD 30 Apr 2024 Stripe Checkout
1,600.00 USD 30 Apr 2024 Stripe Checkout
1,600.00 USD 30 Apr 2024 Stripe Checkout
1,600.00 USD 29 Apr 2024 Stripe Checkout
1,600.00 USD 29 Apr 2024 Stripe Checkout
1,600.00 USD 29 Apr 2024 Stripe Checkout

Latest Withdraw


Name Amount Date Method
Mukesh Morya 100.00 USD 24 Aug 2023 Stripe Withdrawl
Mukesh Developer 100.00 USD 24 Aug 2023 Stripe Withdrawl
Mukesh Morya 100.00 USD 04 Aug 2023 Stripe Withdrawl
Mukesh Morya 125.00 USD 24 Jul 2023 Stripe Withdrawl
Mukesh Morya 120.00 USD 24 Jul 2023 Stripe Withdrawl
Mukesh Morya 100.00 USD 19 Jul 2023 Stripe Withdrawl
Mukesh Morya 100.00 USD 17 Jul 2023 Stripe Withdrawl
Mukesh Morya 1.00 USD 24 Jun 2023 E-pin
Mukesh Morya 100.00 USD 25 Apr 2023 Stripe Withdrawl
Mukesh Morya 100.00 USD 28 Mar 2023 Stripe Withdrawl

Some of our key points

We value our customer and offer best from our side

Instant Withdrawal

You can withdraw your earnings instantly, so you don't have to wait around for your money.

Customer Support

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are available to answer your questions and help. If you need assistance during the purchase process, please call us at 1-910-444-6437 or email us at info@soweaseed.com.

Deposit limit

Deposit limit is the measure of maximum amount of money you can deposit into your account.

SSL Security

Our website is 100% secure, safe and encrpted with all security measurements.



The key feature of the Sow a Seed Financial Reserved Banking System is its network of 15 Angels, each equipped with their own reserved banking system. These Angels are meticulously designed and powered by cutting-edge algorithms, enabling them to process transactions with remarkable speed and accuracy. Their synchronized efforts create a seamless financial ecosystem where your yearly earnings are paid promptly, surpassing industry norms.


Sow Once And Receive Income For Life

Yearly Earnings

image Arch Angel Sandalphon $ 1,600.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 156,250.00 $ 31,250 Select
image Arch Angel Jeremiel $ 3,950.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 312,500.00 $ 62,500
image Arch Angel Uriel $ 12,300.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 687,500.00 $ 250,000
image Arch Angel Chamuel $ 21,500,00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 1,500,000.00 $ 437,500
image Arch Angel Zadkiel $ 47,500.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 3,187,500.00 $ 937,500

Coming Soon Arch Angels


image 6.Arch Angel Azrael $ 158,000.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 12,437,500.00
image 7. Arch Angel Ariel $ 190,000.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 18,812,500.00
image 8. Arch Angel Raguel $ 310,000.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 44,287,500.00
image 9. Arch Angel Metatron $ 915,000.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 53,362,500.00
image 10. Arch Angel Jophiel $ 1,500,020.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 102,887,500.00


image 11.Arch Angel Haniel $ 3,000,030.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 209,612,500.00
image 12. Arch Angel Raziel $ 15,100,000.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 1,352,887,500
image 13. Arch Angel Raphael $ 60,200,000.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 4,897,112,500
image 14. Arch Angel Gabriel $ 150,300,000.00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 10,727,887,500
image 15. Arch Angel Michael $ 300,500,000,00 + 2.9% + $0.30 $ 20,977,122,500

Worlds First

2 in 1 system

Sow A Seed ABS & ARBS Payout System


Force Matrix Payout System

PAYOUT X25 - -
LEVEL 2. 3125 25 - 1
LEVEL 3. 15,625 125 - 5
LEVEL 4. 78,125 625 - 25
LEVEL 5. 390,625 3,125 - 125
PAYOUT - X125 -
LEVEL 6. 1,953,125 15,625 1,953,125 625
LEVEL 7. 9,765,625 78,125 9,765,625 3125
LEVEL 8. 48,828,125 390,625 48,828,125 15,625
LEVEL 9. 244,140,625 1,953,125 244,140,625 78,125
GRAND TOTAL 1,953,125 244,140,625 78,125

Really works 100%



Wealth Machine

"Angels Reserved Banking System"

Our system employs advanced algorithms, often referred to as "A.R.B.S," to calculate and enforce equitable wealth distribution. These intelligent algorithms ensure that every client is paid equally, regardless of their initial investment or account balance. This mechanism promotes fairness, transparency, and trust within the system.

The benefits of our automation reserve banking financial service system are significant:

- Enhanced Financial Management: By automating financial processes and offering a recurring payment system, individuals can efficiently manage their finances, saving time and effort.

- Wealth Preservation and Inheritance Planning: The Lifetime Legacy Program allows individuals to protect and preserve their wealth for future generations, ensuring a lasting financial legacy.

- Long-Term Growth Potential: The lock-in feature encourages individuals to adopt disciplined saving and investment habits, enabling them to benefit from potential long-term growth and higher returns.

- Fair and Transparent Wealth Distribution: The use of intelligent algorithms ensures that every client is treated equally, promoting fairness and trust within the system.


Say these three prayer before Download

Prayer for Letting Go of Negativity:

Liberating Source, release me from the grip of negativity. Grant me the courage to let go of grudges, resentment, and bitterness, allowing space for positivity and forgiveness. Amen

Prayer for Inner Peace:

Divine Light, fill my heart with peace and serenity, guiding me through life's challenges with grace and clarity. Amen

Prayer for Financial Blessings:

Heavenly Provider, shower me with abundant blessings, financial prosperity, and wealth in all areas of my life. Amen


If you have any further questions or would like to explore how our system can benefit you specifically, please don't hesitate to reach out.


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